White balance Red

Jovi Lundell (6), Calgary Fire White (playing in red) and Kendall Torhjelm (12), Calgary Fire Red battle for the puck during their second exhibition game of the Alberta Female Hockey League 2020-21 season, played at East Calgary Twin Arenas, Calgary on November 7, 2020. © J. Ashley Nixon


Calgary Fire White kicked back in Erin Woods on Saturday to take the second exhibition game 5-3 against their Fire Red sisters and balance up the short pre-season series with one win each. Kalle Hastman put the Reds into the lead before the first minute was up but the advantage was squashed in a matter of seconds with a goal from Fire White’s Paige Murphy. Chelsea Clark shot in, blocker side and Rylee Pennoyer tapped a waiting puck over the line to give Fire White two tallies more and an undisputed 3-1 lead after twenty minutes. 

Kiley Hasenfratz brought the Reds back into contention two minutes into the second period but the White two-goal advantage was restored after 12 minutes when Evelyn Lawrence got the puck underneath Jorja Fisher’s glove hand before loosing balance and crashing into the boards. Pennoyer registered her second goal halfway through the third period. Fire White’s Sadie Kurrant scored unassisted a couple of minutes later but that was it for their goal count.


Song of the Match

East Calgary Twin Arenas was musically muffled again for this match, so here’s my choice, inspired by a song played on BBC Radio 6 while editing photos and writing up this report. It starts like this:  “Tell me about your childhood.” Hyperactive by Thomas Dolby comes from his second album,  The Flat Earth released in 1984. It has a jumping, funky sound with a stonking slap bass line to open and a brilliant video spun out from the psychiatrist’s couch: “At the tender age of three, I was hooked to a machine, just to keep my mouth from spouting junk.”


Up next

Fire White and Red meet again on Saturday, November 14 (11:00 am). This time it will be a match for points. The venue is Village Square 2. Any guesses for the Song of the Match? 


More photos

Please visit the hockey gallery on my photo website for more images from the game.

2 comments on “White balance Red

  1. Sally Christie

    Big Thomas Dalby fan & really enjoyed this YouTube version. Very apt! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice! It was a close call between Hyperactive and She Blinded Me with Science (with the cameo by Magnus Pyke and the fab opening line “It’s poetry in motion.”


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