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Build the Road

Build the Road

A frozen landscape, filled
A congestion of cars
An abandoned cart
Its gathered goods consumed
A spray-painted roadblock
Speaks out from a drift
Build the Road


Build the Road #2
© J. Ashley Nixon


Inspired by a snowstorm and some spray-painted graffiti on a concrete roadblock, I set off on October 23, 2020, to explore a newly constructed transport intersection in Calgary. A trek through the snow revealed some of the signs and lines, traffic and artifacts of urban life.

Build the Road #3
© J. Ashley Nixon

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3 comments on “Build the Road

  1. Sally Christie

    Hope you were wrapped up warm (or as the Markham’s would say “lapped up”. Keep them chilblains at bay bro! Great scenes.


  2. Thanks, Sis. We have another snowstorm here in Calgary tonight. Winter has come…


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