Masked up startup

A hockey official prepares for a face-off between Calgary Fire White and Calgary Fire Red during their first exhibition game of the Alberta Female Hockey League 2020-21 season, played at East Calgary Twin Arenas, Calgary on October 31, 2020. © J. Ashley Nixon


Calgary Fire White kicked off their Alberta Female Hockey League 2020-21 season on October 31 with the first of a two-game exhibition series against their Red Sisters. Like all other public venues, the East Calgary Twin Arenas in Erin Woods was a controlled space to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Green masking tape arrows guided the restricted number of masked spectators through the arena to their socially distanced seating. Veiled coaching staff occupied the benches, and the people in stripes wore their face mantles as much as they could in between whistling duties.


A “normal” Halloween sporting event like this would have attracted at least a few dressed up folks and some witchy or ghoulish paraphernalia, but the virus spooked that out for this year. Kendall Torjelm opened the scoring for Fire Red after six minutes of play. Sophy Aldred equalized for Fire White a couple of minutes later. The score was the same after forty minutes on the ice but soon into the third period, Fire Red got on their brooms and whooshed in with two goals just nine seconds apart, scored by Te’a Pearce and Kiley Hasenfratz. Hannah Suto scored a powerplay goal for Fire White with five minutes to go, but Fire Red survived the counter attacks to win the exhibition game 3-2.


Song of the Match

With all the pandemic palaver, it was understandable that there was no music during the game. So, I can only conjecture what DJ Dale might have been thinking for his playlist on this (once in a) Blue Moon Halloween. Maybe an oldie like Moon Dance by Van Morrison or Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival? Some reggae beats from The Police with Walking on the Moon? Perhaps, a song from The Who such as Won’t Get Fooled Again, featuring their wide-eyed, metronomic drummer, Keith Moon? All good stuff, but my selection is going to the Scousers: Echo & The Bunnymen with The Killing Moon. Hands up, who loves that twelve-string guitar?


Up next

Fire White and Red meet again for the second of their two exhibition games at ECTAs Blue on Saturday, Nov 7, 2020. Puck drops at 12:45 pm. Don’t forget your mask.


More photos

Please visit my website Hockey gallery for more photographs from the game.

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