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Wippert wins final stage as Huffman holds on to Yellow in the Tour of Alberta

Wippert and Huffman Dutch rider, Wouter Wippert (Cannondale-Drapac) got the stage win again today, making it two wins from him and three for his team in the ATB Tour of Alberta which finished in Edmonton today. Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling), who … Continue reading

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A great day for cycling in Calgary #YYC @bikecalgary

It wasn’t a great day for cycling in Calgary, but there again, it was. First you had to put the bad weather out of mind. Wet snow, slushing up around the pedals and shooting up through the wheels. But on an … Continue reading

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Arya the Airedale hikes into the snows of the first day of spring

The first day of spring was marked by a new snow fall in Calgary. No appearance for crocuses here for a long time yet. Arya the Airedale went out and about…. …and in and around a quinzee (an Athabaskan word … Continue reading

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Chinook sunset: a welcome wind in winter

The Chinook winds of southern Alberta are a welcome sight to many, but maybe not all Calgarians. Flowing east off the Rocky Mountains, a highly visible wall of cloud, they bring with them a respite from the winter cold. A … Continue reading

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North: a poem, plus photos from Canada in winter

NORTH Past industrial heartlands And prairie farms Out on the Great River Where the air is calm A bold December moon Shines down through black spruce And in the distance Roams a lonely moose Ice is thickening On the water … Continue reading

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Let the ice begin

To freeze up water The Rink Rats unite Building thin layers of ice Shifting through day and night. A heavy hose is dragged And water played Over chilling concrete Until the arena is made. Soon, skaters will come Shinny games … Continue reading

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In guiding hands

A bow, put straight Across four strings Young fingers firm Yet arched to move And form new shapes That create And make Sweet cello music. ………. Poem inspired by Morag Northey, cello performer and teacher extraordinaire, celebrating your mid century … Continue reading

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