Raiders beat Fire White in shootout

Alessandra Imperato drives to the net to score the second goal for Calgary Fire White in their Alberta Female Hockey League (Midget Elite) game against Rocky Mountain Raiders at Crowchild Blue Arena, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on October 27, 2019. © J. Ashley Nixon


Calgary Fire White took the lead against Rocky Mountain Raiders, four minutes into the first period. Bex Alloway made a break down the right of the ice and hit a shot from a tight angle that beat the Raiders goalie Falyn Thomson over her left shoulder.

The Raiders equalized on a power play four minutes later when Ava Harper struck the puck just inside the left post before Fire’s keeper, Cienna Kinghorn could get across. Ayah Salem, just back for her first game for the Fire after an upper-body injury, didn’t make it beyond the first period after she was thrown out for a hit from behind.

Fifteen minutes into the second, Fire White regained the lead when Alessandra Imperato skated towards the net, made a quick move left as Thomson came off her line and swept the puck up and over the keeper’s blocker.

Fire White held onto their lead through the second and most of the final period until 14:33 when Kaia Gron got her shot in between Kinghorn’s blocker and the post. The game stayed tied through five minutes of overtime, leaving the decision to the shootout. All Fire White’s three shooters, Rachelle Plum, Imperato, and Meghan Dean were unsuccessful, but Madeline Hubbard scored for the Raiders.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 2-3 Rocky Mountain Raiders

More photos from the game

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Song of the Match

Lots of good guitar riffs in the songs played from the ice. The prize goes to a raucous number by Rod Stewart from the 1977 album, Foot Loose & Fancy Free: Hot Legs

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