Fire shootout Pandas

Emma Dousett scores the winning shootout goal for Calgary Fire White in her second attempt against Edmonton Pandas at Servus Sports Centre, Lloydminster, Alberta on October 20, 2019 © J. Ashley Nixon


Sometimes, a timeout can be just the right tonic. With only 1:37 to go on the clock, the Pandas took their half-minute to discuss tactics with the coach, went back on the ice for a faceoff and scored to tie the game 2-2 against Calgary Fire White. Kate Pickering’s goal got the Edmonton team to overtime, then a shootout in the last of three games in the Alberta Female Hockey League showcase weekend at Servus Sports Centre, Lloydminster.

Ultimately, the Pandas didn’t pick up all the points as the thrilling shootout series went the way of the Fire (after regular time goals scored by Emma Dousett and Hannah Suto). In what was to be the final Fire shot, Dousett got two goes. Her first was saved by Pandas goalie, Andrea Peric but the referee determined that she came off her crease too early. Dousett drove again, and this time she put the puck over the keeper’s blocker. At the other end, Cienna Kinghorn saved the Pandas next shot and it was game over.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 3-2 Edmonton Pandas

More photos for the game

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Song of the Match

Calgary was in charge of playing the music as this was a home-away-from-home game in Lloydminster. At the special request of the referee, BLOW by Ed Sheeran (co-written by Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars; from the No. 6 Collaborations Project album) was found in the pile of records under the feet of the scorer, Jeff Marks.

Worth a listen. Worth a watch. If you’re in to speedy, candy-coloured cars racing around the streets and over bridges stuff, it’s great. Hey, it’s such a headbanger, even Dale over in Fire Red might like and play this one by the Ginger Genius and Co.

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  1. monkeyperu

    I love your picture. Great job


  2. monkeyperu

    Fantásticas fotos


  3. Thank you. For info, to get the action in this shot, which was taken from the other end of the rink, I was using a Canon 1DX II with settings: f4, 1/800 sec and 280 mm


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