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22 pics from ’22

Continuing a series begun in 2010, I have compiled an annual collection of photographs that matches the year. So for 2022, I have twenty-two images to share.

There are various parameters I use to select the photos. They appeal to me because of their narrative message or some visual quality. I also like including a few more personal images from family life. Our new dog, Aspen the Airedale, who came to us in January 2022, shows up quite a few times!

At the end of 2022, I introduced a new way (to me) of showing collections of my photographs, as FlipBooks. I have created a new series using this form of online publishing and called it Ramifications. I hope you like this first edition, shown below.

Two Dippers

In my studies of the wetland landscape and wildlife in the Elbow Valley, I saw an American Dipper flying and feeding in the Elbow river in January. By coincidence, I recorded a dipper about a kilometre upstream from the first sighting on my final photographic foray of the year (on December 28). Most likely a different bird but behaving in the same flitty way; maybe from the same family. A reminder from nature that photographs preserve a moment in time. And life goes on.

Airedale and Alberta

My first international travel since the pandemic was a return to my roots in Yorkshire to celebrate my Mum’s life and film Airedale: Terrier and Terrain. That involved a lot of photographing while walking along the River Aire and Leeds to Liverpool Canal, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, around Malham, and the Pennine moors around my home village of Haworth.

The walls and mills made some connections to me with a Capoeira dancer from Expo Latino, William’s work in electronic music production with Niteshade, and mountain landscapes in the Canadian Rockies close to where I live in Alberta.

More pics from 2010 to 2022

You can view my other annual collections from 2010 to 2022 here.

Thank you for reading and your support and interest in my books, photography and films in 2022. Wishing you a good and better year in 2023. Keep well.

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