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Airedale: Terrier and Terrain

This ten-minute film takes a dog-eye view of places in Yorkshire that form part of the history of the Airedale Terrier.

Aspen the Airedale, is a puppy who travels from the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta, Canada to virtually visit anchor points in her ancestry along the River Aire in Yorkshire, England.

In her journey, she takes in the source of the river on the Pennine moors above Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. She then visits the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and mill towns of Keighley, Saltaire and Bingley, where the internationally recognized royalty of Terrier breeds originally comes from. You can see the film here:

RATMA Film Festival

My documentary about the origins of the Airedale Terrier was given the honour of opening up the RATMA International Film Festival at the Keighley Picture House on October 8, 2022.

5 comments on “Airedale: Terrier and Terrain

  1. David Willis

    Nice film! I enjoyed learning more about the Airedale history. I knew some of it, but never knew the exact location of the river Aire.


  2. Glad you liked the film, David and can now put Airedale on the map!


  3. Lynn Marie Calder

    Ashley Congratulations on your latest film. Lovely photography, and educational too, especially for us Airedale owners. Too bad Aspen couldn’t join you on your trip (I was wondering how you would have managed that). Hope she and Rikki get to meet some day, and I look forward to future films. Take care Lynn


    • Thank you, Lynn and glad you liked this film. I enjoyed learning more about Airedale Terriers as I researched the film. I was particularly struck by finding that a Keighley (my hometown) dog breeder called Thomas Foster made the case (in 1879) that our dog breed should be called Airedale, after the area, and not Bingley, the next town down the River Aire.
      Looking forward to getting Rikki and Aspen together sometime next spring/summer.
      Aspen turned one yesterday!


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