Fire and Fury

Rachelle Plum, Calgary Fire White (in red) and Madison Teague, Sherwood Park Fury compete for the puck in their Alberta Female Hockey League game at Servus Sports Centre, Lloydminster, Alberta
© J. Ashley Nixon


Sherwood Park Fury came off the bench strong to take a 1-0 lead halfway through the first period with a goal scored by Jillian Gulli. Three minutes later, Georgia Armstrong put her team further ahead. Both goals had a similar look about them, with the Fury forwards making their presence known in front of the Fire goalkeeper, Madison Shenfield. Fire White pulled one back with two minutes remaining with a shot from the left faceoff circle by Rylee Pennoyer.

The Fire started their second period in a better frame of mind, skating with more conviction. Hannah Suto got a breakaway chance at the ten-minute mark and delivered with a well-timed shot past Kinlee Fahselt’s left pad to tie the game. Suto was in the points again just over a minute later when she laid off a nice pass to Meghan Dean coming through the slot. Dean managed to get her shot in, blocker side, before losing balance and sliding off down the ice.

Skaters from both teams picked up the pace in the final period, competing hard for every puck. Emotions spilled over in front of the Fury net and after an exchange of pleasantries, Fire’s Jennifer Nixon and the Fury’s Deklynn Woitas took a breather in the box for unsportsmanlike conduct. Two minutes later, Fire’s player of the game, Rachelle Plum got free behind the net and slipped a pass into the slot for Alessandra Imperato to connect and put the puck in past Fahselt’s stick.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 4-2 Sherwood Park Fury

More photos for the game

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Song of the Match

Game over, the Fire crew celebrated their home game in Lloydminster with Johnny Cash performing Ring of Fire.

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