The Village Chippy in Yorkshire

Al Foster salts up his Yorkshire fish ‘n’ chips from The Village Chippy outside The Fox pub in Thorner, near Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Feb 2, 2018.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Yorkshire Fish ‘n’ and Beer

Yorkshire Fish ‘n’ Chips, without any doubt of mind, the best in the world but there’s one sure way to make them better. And that’s to have them in the pub with some good Yorkshire ale. Yorkshire folks have that luxury of life available to them weekly when The Village Chippy drives into Thorner, near Leeds. Locally known as the Mobile, it’s what many on this side of the Atlantic would call a Food Truck.

Amanda and Garry, who have made this their van life and touring business since 2009, park their Renault van at the back of The Fox pub and start frying up around 7:15 pm every Friday night. I joined the eager customers peering out of the pub windows for their arrival, then headed out to join the queue. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) wild certified sustainable haddock fillets and chips, were ready 10-15 minutes later. Just enough time to finish off a pint of Farmers Blonde from the Bradfield Brewery in Sheffield and get another one to help wash the land and sea down with. Splendid stuff!

Catch The Village Chippy

If you’re not close to Thorner, you can catch The Village Chippy in other Yorkshire villages (Micklefield, Methley, and Bramham) or order them up for your wedding, party, festival or other events.

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For more photos, please follow this link to the Food Truck gallery on J. Ashley Nixon Communications



3 comments on “The Village Chippy in Yorkshire

  1. Sally Christie

    proud of you bros x


  2. Thanks, sis. Such a good night to be remembered!


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