Pop culture celebrated: Calgary Expo 2015

Characters from Assassin’s Creed III, Sucker Punch (Amber), Mortal Kombat and The Hobbit convene at Calgary Expo© J. Ashley Nixon

Hordes of characters came out over the weekend to participate in the tenth version of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (Calgary Expo) at the Stampede Show Grounds. Aliens and monsters, game villains as well as friendlier folks like Dr. Who’s (several of the Time Lords were kicking around in between TARDIS missions) came out to celebrate Pop Culture. Steampunks with their fabulous costumes mashing up chain power and valves with futuristic power sources were out and about in numbers, including players from Bioshot Infinite and Fallout III New Vegas. DC Comics favourites were on full display such as The Riddler, PowerGirl, The Joker and Harley Quinn. And there were Little Mermaids, some nice, some not so nice like Ursula the Sea Witch.

Xenomorph from Alien © J. Ashley Nixon
Xenomorph from Alien
© J. Ashley Nixon

I asked a lizard if he was hot in his costume? “I’m not a lizard”, the young teenager said indignantly, “I’m a xenomorph.” No arguing with that.

Dr Frankenchrist © J. Ashley Nixon
Dr Frankenchrist
© J. Ashley Nixon

Dr. Frankenchrist glinted through his steel-blue eye and demonstrated his mechanical arm, an original not yet seen on the screens.

Character from Mad Max © J. Ashley Nixon
A character from Mad Max
© J. Ashley Nixon

Lurking down another aisle were some characters from the Mad Max movies.

Rose Master from the comic Cucumber Cuts © J. Ashley Nixon
Rosemaster from the webcomic Cucumber Quest
© J. Ashley Nixon

Rosemaster posed in red and green, a vivid portrayal of this character from a webcomic called Cucumber Quest.

The Fourth Doctor © J. Ashley Nixon
The Fourth Doctor
© J. Ashley Nixon

The Fourth Doctor Who was there with an impressive likeness to that of the originator, Tom Baker. And Doctor Spock from Star Trek was a larger-than-life mirror image of the late, great and missed Leonard Nemoy.

Dr Spock © J. Ashley Nixon
Dr. Spock
© J. Ashley Nixon

Live long and prosper!

J. Ashley Nixon Photography

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