Three bus loads of Connect Charter School musicians play The Jube

Three bus loads of musicians from the Connect Charter School took to the big stage at The Jube (Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium) today. Forming two bands, the Grade 6 and 7 students played in the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (formerly the Kiwanis Festival) in front of eminent Adjudicators Sir William Hughes and Mr Bill Wahl.


Under the direction of Mr Bolen, assisted by Mr Harder, the bands performed a selection from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, then a Scottish Lullaby, concluding with Midnight Missions.


Mr Wahl joined one of the bands on stage and gave the players a Master Class, conducting and talking through some finer points of crescendo, breathing through the sequences, even holding marimba hammers and best posture while playing the flute.


He encouraged the young players to seek out more contrast and “capture what makes the music the most interesting for your audience”. We in the audience loved it. Thanks Connect Charter School Band!

For more images, please see J. Ashley Nixon Photography



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6 Responses to Three bus loads of Connect Charter School musicians play The Jube

  1. Susan Chomistek says:

    I appreciated your amazing pictures and description of the performance and subsequent adjudication. Having the benefit of excellent adjudicators makes a huge difference to musicians. Additionally, the expertise of Mr. Bolen and Mr. Harder, the diligence of the students, and the incredible support of the parents are reasons why the Connect Charter School bands perform so well.


    • NixonsCan says:

      Thanks, Susan. It was a pleasure listening to the bands play in the big Jubilee Auditorium and then to see how attentively the students engaged with the Adjudicator.


  2. NixonsCan says:

    Thanks for reflagging this post!


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