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Caliente Expo Latino gets cold Calgary going


Calgary needed its hottest outdoor festival on this, an August day when the temperature was hanging down low around ten or twelve degrees. What better way to get warmed up than dancing to some ritmos calientes (hot rhythms)?

Local dancing celebs Eric Caty & Kelly Lannan stepped out for some furious salsa on stage with Jose Alberto, supported by Richie Viruet and his band.


Jose’s nickname, “El Canario” is well-deserved, given his fabulous air flute rendering amongst hits like “Disculpeme Señora” and “Sueño contigo”.  Coming back for an encore with the old Celia Cruz number “La vida es un carnival” really got the audience moving. And singing. And a trio next to me laid down some cool accompanying percussion on guiro, maracas and campana de vaca bateria (cowbell).



Haila, the Cuban sensation and Latin Grammy Award Winner gave a high octane performance and Asi es Colombia danced “bailas tipico” in the red, yellow and blue of their country’s flag.


Thanks Mauricio Roa and MC “Chico” for taking care of the in-between MC stuff and to DJ Rob Zen and the other DJ for keeping the music going. Also a shout out to Calgary’s Hispanic Arts Society and Carmen Galvez, the Producer of, yet another, fine Expo Latino. Hay que rico!

Thanks for coming to take a look.

J Ashley Nixon Photography

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