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Urban recce run: along the mighty Mississippi, New Orleans

Getting up for an early morning run gives you more space between cars. Good for your health. It gets you going for the day ahead. Good for the brain. And most important, it gives you the sunrise light when the only people out and about are there for a purpose (apart from those struggling to get the last night out of the way). This is when you see the hidden urban treasures, uncrowded by hordes of tourists later in the day. It reveals the critical, yet poorly recognized service providers of a city, such as the street cleaners and waste collectors.

Running with a camera brings you into contact with potential images quickly. You check the light, compose on the hoof and get the job done ( albeit with a quick glance around that nothing bad is going to come to you as you pull the iPhone out). I call this “fast framing”.

Heres a few images from my latest urban recce run, down St Charles Avenue, besides the Street Car tracks on Canal Street and along the banks of the mighty Mississippi, in NOLA ( New Orleans Louisiana).

Thanks for coming to take a look.
For more sustainable perspectives, please go to:

J Ashley Nixon Photography





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