World record set for fuel efficient drive across Canada

Shell Smarter Driver Challenge: Day 12 Chilliwack to Vancouver

The final day of our drive across Canada. About 6,200 km in the log book and another 100 or so to go, just a skip and a jump down from Chilliwack to Vancouver.

The shortness of the journey did not influence the alarm clocks. Off they went again at 4:45 am and by 6:00 am or so we were off out of Groovy town, fortified with Tim’s and down the road.

You might think that after so long in the seat we would have it all under control, but no, not quite. We forgot that one of the support vehicles was due for some juice. So we worked out a “Nav” route to get us to a 24 hour Shell gas station with diesel to quench the VW Tuoareg’s thirst. With that accomplished we headed over the road to an excellent breakfast place run by a charming lady originally from Seoul, South Korea.

At 9:30 am we departed for the final destination in #YVR-Shell at Main St East and 2nd Avenue. Quite a nervous last leg really as all of us were thinking about the fuel efficiency figures and how they were getting affected by the busy down town traffic. But we made it in, greeted by all kinds of TV cameras and the final fuel efficiency figures were brilliant. A world record was set for others to follow. If you are interested in that, I wish you every success!

Fuel efficiency performance figures with the VW Passat

This is what we achieved in our 6,339.6 km journey from Halifax to Vancouver:

  • 5.59 litres/100 km (almost 32% improvement over official figures for the VW Passat)
  • $452.90 total cost of fuel to get across the country
  • 4.69 tanks of gas (we smashed our goal of less than six tanks!)
  • 1,352 km per tank fuel (remember, this is Shell Bronze gasoline, not diesel)
Shell Smarter Driver Challenge team
The Drivers: Alex Debogorski (Ice Road Trucker), Lorraine Sommerfeld (Globe & Mail), Simone Kitchen-Kuiack (winner of the Energy Diet Challenge), Bob Oliver (Pollution Probe), Ed Whittingham (Pembina Institute), Cameron Yost (Shell), Lindsey Mcandrews (Shell), Ashley Nixon (Shell)
The Coaches: Helen & John Taylor
The Support team: Patricia Scafe
Photo selection can be viewed at

At the finish line for the Smarter Driver Challenge


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