Med Hat to YYC

Shell Smarter Driver Challenge: Day 10 (June 20, 2012)

A relatively short distance this morning-300 km or so from Medicine Hat into Calgary. We had an event lined up at Shell Centre for 1:00pm and our driver for the day, Ed, made good time along the Trans Canada Highway. Out west, the Deerfoot Trail is akin to the 401 in Ontario. We drove it well, keeping up with traffic and headed on downtown along 4th Avenue. The fun part of the day was seeing Calgary’s finest-the Fire Service-competing against Ice Road Trucker Alex on a 10 km route around the city centre. Who was the most fuel efficient? The prize went to Alex but everyone in Calgary appreciates the Fire Service’s ability to get swiftly  around the city.

Smarter Driver Playlist Pick of the Day

I have to get this one in during the road trip. It comes from Madness, a band from the 1970/80’s in Britain who helped bring ska back on the musical map. “Driving in my car” was a memorable song about a Morris Minor-go check out the You Tube video-it’s brilliant!

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