In the nation’s capital

Smarter Driver Challenge Day 3 (June 13, 2012): In Ottawa

After a long 16 hour drive yesterday the Smarter Driver team had the good fortune to hang out in the Nations’s capital for the day. We drove the two VW Touregs (TDI) out to the Canada Science and Technology Museum and John took one of the journalists out for a fuel efficient spin. Thanks Canadian Geographic for coming out to see us!

For photos, see

Pick from the Smarter Drivers Playlist: Given that the team had a photo op in front of the Canadian Parliament, it is fitting to dedicate this pick to all the good politicians-Long may you run– by Neil Young (played as part of the rather short-lived Stills-Young band). This song was about his 1964 (approx.) Oldsmobile hearse he used to drive around in.

Next stage: Ottawa to Toronto (approx. 451 km)

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