Fredericton to Ottawa

Day 2 (June 12, 2012): Fredericton to Ottawa

A much earlier start this morning. The whole Smarter Driver team was ready to move on before 06:00am. Cameron did the Tim Hortons run and got the coffee and teas dispensed to the crew. Lindsey and I, driving one of the VW Toureg that provides support for the Challenge vehicle, stopped off for diesel at the Shell Station near Woodstock. Brilliant service provided there by Ed and team-they pumped the gas and cleaned up all the windows real good. Highlight of my day (alongside Cameron’s impressive drive through the wet and congested roads of Montreal) was observing a nearby Osprey nest with the female sitting and her mate standing sentry on the telephone wires.

For photos, see

Smarter Driver Playlist Song of the Day:

I am picking Going up Country by Canned Heat because we were in Woodstock (Canned Heat performed this song at another Woodstock in 1969) and Ed the Gas Pumper’s impressive long beard which made him look like the singer from that band.

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