Driving on the 401

Smarter Driver Challenge Day 4 (June 14, 2012)

A relatively short leg starting in Ottawa at around 06:00am and heading over to Toronto on the 401, one of the more challenging roads in Canada. Thanks to Lorraine and her local knowledge, the VW Passat challenge car dealt well with the congestion and we landed at the hotel early afternoon. That gave me the chance to go downtown to the Vistek store and get my GoPro camera seen to. Big thanks to Derek for getting things sorted out.

Smarter Drivers Playlist Pick of the Day

Maybe I should write a song called “401” unless anyone out there knows of one already in existence? I had a few songs in the Smarter Playlist with road names or numbers. My choice is  505 from the album Favorite worst nightmare by Sheffield band, The Arctic Monkeys.

For photos, see

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