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Construction of new pavement in the developing community of Manchay, Peru. © J. Ashley Nixon

I recently had the pleasure of doing an event with Evelyn Drake and Dave Paul at The Camera Store, Calgary, about Making Photobooks for Publication. In the filmed presentation, which is available on YouTube, I go through five key steps: purpose, planning, process, publishing, and promotion. Along the way, I talk about creating content gathered in some of my photographic projects about sustainability, culture and heritage in Canada, England and Peru.

There is a discussion of my approach to editing, selecting and sequencing images. Decisions on the type and design of books are examined taking audience, content and costs into account. And there are some backstories around my two latest books, Social Camouflage and Cobbled Together.

Betula Books

You can find Social Camouflage, Cobbled Together and some of my other books for sale at Betula Books. Please take a look and consider signing up for the newsletter there!

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