One for the Raiders

Rebecca Alloway, Calgary Fire White, and Sierra Whillans St. Albert Raiders progress through open ice in the direction of the Fire White net and goalkeeper Madison Shenfield at Max Bell Arena, Calgary, Alberta, on January 5, 2020.
© J. Ashley Nixon


A rearranged game permitted some Saturday afternoon hockey to start up 2020 and the second half of the Alberta Female Hockey League (Midget Elite) season. St Albert Raiders were the guests at the big ice of Max Bell Arena, Calgary and just did enough to go home up the QEII with the points against Calgary Fire White.

With a fairly low shot count and buckets of icing the puck, it was not the best entertaining of hockey games, although both goalkeepers did well, putting in solid performances. There was just the single goal that made the difference, scored by Elle Harapchuk half way through the second period.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 0-1 St. Albert Raiders

Up next: Fire White and Fire Red meet on Sunday, January 5, at Father David Bauer Arena, Calgary.

Song of the Match

DJ Jason was on the turntables spinning some groovy dance tunes. The pick of the bunch was by Kylie Minogue. The Australian singer released the single I Can’t Get You Out of my Head in 2001. A real urban anthem this one: a title that’s perfect for the goalkeepers, a catchy rhythm and a la, la, la, la, la line that I bet you can’t avoid singing along to. Go on, take a look. Sing and dance!

More photos from the game

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For the latest information on the Midget AA Elite standings, visit the Alberta Female Hockey League.

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