Fire Red and White meet in High River

Chyenne Risling, Calgary Fire Red and Jennifer Nixon, Fire White, battle it out in front of the net during their pre-season Midget Elite game at Bob Snodgrass Sports Complex, High River, Alberta © J. Ashley Nixon


Calgary Fire White Midget Elite played their fourth Okotoks Pre-Season Tournament game in two days against their Fire Red sisters at Bob Snodgrass Sports Complex in High River, Alberta.

In a fast, penalty-rich, highly competitive game, the Whites came out on top of the Reds for the second time in tournament play this pre-season.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 4-1 Calgary Fire Red

More photos for the game

Please visit J. Ashley Nixon Communications for more photos from this and other hockey games.


4 comments on “Fire Red and White meet in High River

  1. monkeyperu

    Great picture…. I glad we have you in our team


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