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Photography at FireStarter 2018


Photography at the Calgary Firestarter Tournament, Sep 14-16, 2018

A very warm welcome to Calgary and the 3rd annual Calgary Firestarter Elite Female Hockey Tournament, organized by Girls Hockey Calgary which starts up Friday, Sep 14. I will be photographing the games and featured images will be posted daily on my website photo galleries. Please contact me ahead of the tournament or visit me in the arena if you wish to purchase copies or have any special requests with player portraits and profiles.

Great Plains Arena and neighbourhood

For those of you travelling to Calgary for this tournament, you may be interested to know more about the Great Plains Arena and neighbourhood. This is a very modern arena, with fine architectural lines and bright colours. There are warm viewing areas (looking through the glass) as well as more intimate (cold) viewing at the side of the ice. It is located within the Foothills Industrial Park in the SE outskirts of the city. Don’t be put off by that name as this is a modern array of warehouses and other businesses with wide roads and plenty of free parking. You can drive a short distance to the local Tim Hortons, A&W and other eateries/coffee shops. They are close enough for you to walk there and back during the hour-plus athlete preparation time that is the norm in Elite Hockey! Another close-by business that might be of interest to visitors is the Big Rock Brewery, just a few minutes walking from the arena, where you can see some nice, modern sculpture (see photographs below), sample some good, fresh Alberta beer and have a bite to eat while you quaff your ale. You might even have time to fit in a brewery tour!

Big Rock Brewery, Calgary.
© J. Ashley Nixon


Here is the link to some neighbourhood images on the gallery I have set up on my website to post tournament game photos starting Sep 14 (Archive/All Galleries/Sports (Featured Events/Calgary Firestarter 2018)

You can view my hockey photographs, including games at the FireStarter Female Midget AAA Tournament here.

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Great Plains Arena, Calgary.
© J. Ashley Nixon

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