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Exploring for knowledge at the Riddell Library, MRU

A climbing decorator prepares for his ascent of Mount Royal. Riddell Library and Learning Centre, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
© J. Ashley Nixon

The ascent of Mount Royal

Earlier this summer, the brand new Riddell Library and Learning Centre opened for the business of study at Mount Royal University in Calgary. For a short while, the doors were open, books could be borrowed but the staircase was closed. The painting had to be completed and that was a task for the climbing decorators (also known as rope access technicians) of Quantum Rope Access.

The climb up through the blue light and airy stairwell leading to the fourth floor of this beautifully designed LEED Gold building was facilitated by mechanical ascenders using a slingshot technique.

The stairwell is now open. Students can explore knowledge in a more leisurely fashion.

For more photos from this and other happenings in the Summer of ’17 please visit

J. Ashley Nixon Photography


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