Pick Bellflower at Calgary Folk Music Festival

Em Pompa of Bellflower performs at the Calgary Folk Music Festival.
© J. Ashley Nixon


As the end of July comes around, it’s time once again for the Calgary Folk Music Festival to turn over Prince’s Island into a smorgasbord of music from around the planet. One of the most exciting thing about being there is to experience a band you have never heard of and then rush into the CD tent to buy a recording because you have just been blown away by what you have heard.

That was the feeling when I heard Bellflower, an Indie Jazz, electro-pop/folk fusion that hails from Montreal.  They have two recordings I was able to find: The Season Spell that came out in 2016 and The Lotus Factor from 2013.

Bellflower’s horn section and clever bass and rhythm lines speak volumes of the band members’ roots, as jazz students, at UdeM. Add in some novel percussion, such as the big brass bell in Cyclone Waltz and soaring harmonies sung by Em Pompa and Kathryn Samman and there’s something special going on here.

The initial warm-up on stage with some beautiful, skin-tingling flugelhorn had me thinking that Efterklang was in the park (a brilliant prospect!) and that hooked me in to sit down and listen attentively as I was taken my photographs. You can see more of those and other Festival photos on  J. Ashley Nixon Photography. Please take a look and help me with a question. Are the tattoos on Em Pompa’s arm and the motif on top of the bell the same design? Just curious!

A young music fan, moving perfectly in time with the music of Bellflower at the Calgary Folk Music Festival.
© J. Ashley Nixon

2 comments on “Pick Bellflower at Calgary Folk Music Festival

  1. not enough photos to feel the atmosphere! 🙂


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