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Titans take out Canucks

Brock Campbell, Calgary Canucks in action against the Red Deer Titans.
© J. Ashley Nixon

There was a tornado warning around Three Hills, north of Calgary on Friday night, just as we were heading up the QEII for the Calgary Canucks Div 2 game in Red Deer. The atmospheric energy rubbed off more in favour of the Titans who came out winners, 42-12.

Try for the Canucks in their game against the Titans in Red Deer.
© J. Ashley Nixon

It was a night for the winger’s union as tries were scored down both flanks by the Red Deer team who took a commanding lead, 27-7 at the break.

With a few high and late tackles, the game got a little perky in the second half and the referee had to step in with his yellow card twice and then a red card to calm things down. All mates in the end though. That’s rugby.

The referee takes action in the Red Deer Titans versus Calgary Canucks Div 2 game.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Final score, Red Deer Titans 42-12 Calgary Canucks.

For more photos from the game, please visit J. Ashley Nixon Photography

Action from the Red Deer Titans versus Calgary Canucks Div 2 game.
© J. Ashley Nixon

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