Three songs for your birthday Leigh C. Featherstone

Leigh C. Featherstone © J. Ashley Nixon
Leigh C. Featherstone
© J. Ashley Nixon

Happy birthday, mate. Here are three songs I have picked for you to celebrate your epic day. The beer’s on me….the next time we meet!

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes

This one, written by David Bowie, stands out as a glam rock anthem prior to our vintage time but marks the transition into punk, new wave and ska. Television man is crazy saying we’re juvenile delinquent wrecks…The lyrics still reverberate, dude!  Here’s a video clip of The Dudes.

The Clash: Tommy Gun

Released in 1978 as the first single from the album Give em enough rope. Was your favourite band, maybe it still is? Video clip of Tommy Gun here. I love the way Topper Headon hit the snare drum at the start as if it were a machine gun.


The Specials: (Dawning of a) New Era

I could have picked so many here from the British Ska band on the Two Tone label. Originally known as the Coventry Automatics when we saw them getting it going, then Special AKA this band was so formative in our youth. Do the Dog, Blank Expression, Concrete Jungle Monkey Man…Here’s one that goes best with your day… (Dawning of a ) New Era 


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