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On the way to San José


Exhibition of photographs by Frank Rippon

I was on my way to San José this morning from San Francisco Airport. Sauntering through the terminal, I was exposed to an impressive display of monochrome photographs. They were created by Frank “Rip” Rippon, who spent a lifetime career shooting images of the ‘49ers. Entitled From Kezar to Candlestick (named after the ’49ers two stadiums), the SFO Museum exhibition pays tribute to how Rippon documented every home game of the San Francisco based football team from 1946 until his retirement in 1984.

On the way to VERGE 2015

The taxi drive along the concrete slabs of the freeway was noisy and quite hairy but as we progressed south from the Bay Area, the clouds evaporated away and the sunny side of California came out. I was there for the annual GreenBiz VERGE event, one of the best there is to offer on the interfaces between technology and sustainability, business and innovation.

Humming along to Burt Bacharach’s San José song

With hardly a missed beat, I began to hum the tune to one of Burt Bacharach’s many great songs (full disclosure: I loved his music well before it was featured by Elvis Costello in the Austin Powers movies).

Dione Warwick once said in an interview that she didn’t like the song Do you know the way to San José before she agreed to record it in 1968. Personal preferences aside, it became one of the most successful hits for the singer as well as for Bacharach and the lyricist, Hal David.

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