Yellow lines, aspen and birch

Yesterday was Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, the one that comes a month or so earlier than the American version. I headed out west from Calgary into Springbank for a photograph that came to mind the day before driving to the hockey arena. With so many motorists staying at home, I could safely sneak out and shoot from the middle of the road. Yellow lines down and over the hill towards yellowing birch and Swedish aspen and the Rocky Mountains.

Yello © J. Ashley Nixon
Yellow lines, yellowing aspens and birch © J. Ashley Nixon

Springbank barn

My early morning outing allowed me take a closer look at a barn I have travelled past many times. At just the right angle you get a glimpse of the Rockies through its peeking top window.

barn along Springbank © J. Ashley Nixon
Springbank Barn © J. Ashley Nixon

Rowan and a red door

To conclude these three fall shots, I pulled out a photograph I took just two years ago today. It brings out the autumn colours of a fruit-heavy Rowan (Mountain Ash) set against a boldly painted front door.

© J. Ashley Nixon
Rowan and a red door © J. Ashley Nixon

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