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A great day for cycling in Calgary

A young cyclist tries out the new pathway in Calgary. © J. Ashley Nixon

It wasn’t a great day for cycling in Calgary, but there again, it was. First, you had to put the bad weather out of mind. Wet snow, slushing up around the pedals and shooting up through the wheels.


But on an early November Sunday when the clocks went back for winter, it was a great day to use that extra hour and get out on Calgary’s latest addition to its growing cycle trail network.

We were on the newly asphalted track laid down in the past week, running from Westhills Shopping Centre to 17th Avenue. About 2km of high visibility cycling infrastructure that courses alongside the busy Sarcee Trail.


This is an important part of Calgary’s vision to become one of the premier cycling cities in North America. Other measures include making changes that will encourage more people to cycle (and cycle more safely) in Calgary, such as the downtown Cycle Track Network that will be piloted next year.

All part of making mobility safer, healthier and more fun in our city.

J. Ashley Nixon Photography


2 comments on “A great day for cycling in Calgary

  1. I haven’t done much of the Greenway and it looks like it won’t be until next spring. Is that your son? That’s great he’s out and about.


    • Thanks Jean. The Greenway is scheduled to be 90% complete next year then fully open sometime in 2016. It’s my daughter biking with me.


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