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Stop, Storm. Calm, Night.

The clocks sprung forward by an hour in Canada on Sunday morning. This coincided with a big thaw day, turning around the minus 32 C of a week ago into a beautiful plus 12 C. Through this seven days of change we have seen ice fields turn to pools only to turn back over night into deadly ice sheets as the run off freezes.

The big plus of course, to my mind,  is getting lighter in the evenings. When out walking Arya the Airedale tonight in Calgary, we came across this splendid transition point as the sun set over the Rocky Mountains and the street lights came on.

Here is the Calm, Night…


Just the night before, there were some sudden, erratic flurries of snow. While waiting outside the Westside Recreation Centre, this juxtaposition of traffic lights and oncoming storm cloud was appealing.  Here is Stop, Storm…


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