Through the net

Ayah Salem (Calgary Fire White) and Sachi Cowling (Rocky Mountain Raiders) in action during their Alberta Female Hockey League Midget Elite game at Scott Seaman Rink, De Winton, Alberta on January 25, 2020. © J. Ashley Nixon


After some views Through the Hockey Glass, it was the time and place to photograph some action through the net. Scott Seaman Sports Rink in De Winton, Alberta, a modern, multi-use rink that has a running track above and around the ice surface, lends itself very well to some good over the head angles. Trouble is, all of these shots have to be through the white nylon mesh, a safety curtain that protects the runners from flying pucks. 

Just a single goal distinguished Calgary Fire White from the home side, Rocky Mountain Raiders in their final meeting of the season. Rylee Pennoyer was the scorer, assisted by two defenders, Rebecca Alloway and Caolan Marks.

Final score: Rocky Mountain Raiders 0-1 Calgary Fire White

Song of the match

Poker Face it is, performed by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga.

Up next: Calgary Fire White startup 02-2020 with a road trip north to Lloydminster in the far reaches of Alberta, or Saskatchewan, or both? 

More action from the game

For more Through the Net photos from the Alberta Female Hockey League Midget Elite game between Calgary Fire White and Rocky Mountain Raiders, please visit J. Ashley Nixon Communications.


For the latest information on the Midget AA Elite standings visit the Alberta Female Hockey League.

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