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Canucks in semi-final blues

The Canucks Thirsty Thirds travelled up to Banff National Park and came back without a pass to the final: they lost 24-17. The Seconds went down heavily to a strong and speedy Saracens team, 67-12. In the Division 1 game, a well-deserved win went the way of the Hornets by a score of 33-24. No Calgary City Rugby finals for the Beavers in their 50th anniversary year but there were some stand-out sequences to scribe from the last game of the season.

The seconds were trailing by 67-5 with ten minutes to go but their passion for rugby was not dented. Courageously, the Canucks forwards put pressure close up on the Saracens try line as their defence was called for off-side more than enough times. Every player in the Canucks team put hands on the ball in multi-phase possession that culminated in Patrick Wetherup crashing through for a magnificent try. Something better to talk about over a few beers in the Calgary Rugby Union club house.

Logan Jones scores for the Canucks in the Calgary City Championship semi-final versus Calgary Hornets at Calgary Rugby Park, September 15, 2018. © J. Ashley Nixon

In the Division 1 tout, Logan Jones made a spectacular prop run of more than 30m to score one of the best tries of the season.

Have yourselves a good winter boys, see you in the 51st season and watch out for the Canucks 50th anniversary book coming out soon!

For more photos from the Canucks vs Saracens and Canucks vs Hornets games please visit J. Ashley Nixon Communications.

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