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Lewis Carmichael scores on his debut for Scotland

Lewis Carmichael scores on his debut for Scotland against Canada at the Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta on June 9, 2018.
© J. Ashley Nixon

I don’t believe any survey was conducted at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta for the international rugby game last night but its fair to say-from the singing of Flower of Scotland, the tartan tones in the terraces, and the pipers playing-that a fair few of the 12,624 attending were shouting for Scotland. It probably helped them to gear up and win handsomely over Canada with a final score of 48-10.

Second-row forward Lewis Carmichael scored on his debut for Scotland in the last couple of minutes of play. The 23-year-old North Berwick native, who plays his club rugby with Edinburgh, took a pass from flanker Magnus Bradbury to stride in and score Scotland’s seventh try of the night.

Byron McGuigan, Ruaridh Jackson, George Turner (3) and Magnus Bradbury scored the other tries for Scotland. Adam Hastings and Jamie Ritchie put in their first performances for their country in this short summer tour of the Americas that also sees games in Houston, USA, and Resistencia, Argentina.

Please visit J. Ashley Nixon Photography for more photographs of Lewis Carmichael’s first international try and other action from the Canada versus Scotland game.


3 comments on “Lewis Carmichael scores on his debut for Scotland

  1. Sally Christie

    A good win for Scotland and worthy of carting over the bag pipes! I wonder if Callum was watching and who he would be cheering on? Great shot.


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