Speedy winger, Bryan Habana retires from rugby

Bryan Habana scores a try against Wales in the 2016 HSBC World Rugby 7s series in Vancouver, Canada.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Speedy rugby winger Bryan Habana, who once raced a cheetah to raise awareness about the conservation of the fastest of the wild cats in South Africa has announced his retirement from top-flight rugby. He was the Springboks XV second most capped player with 124 appearances with the national team, a member of the South African World Cup-winning team in 2007 and was awarded the honour of World Player of the Year in 2007. 

He scored a record 67 tries in the 15s game with his blistering pace and picked up points in some rugby 7s games with the Blitzboks. I captured the one shown here, scored against Wales in Vancouver while photographing the 2016 HSBC World Rugby 7s series. 

It was great to see you play, Bryan. Good luck with your retirement and I hope that you find some quality time to keep on running to support wildlife and sustainability issues in South Africa!

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2 comments on “Speedy winger, Bryan Habana retires from rugby

  1. Sally Christie

    Great picture (and clip of the cheetah race). Bryan seems too young and fast to retire but South Africa will be fortunate to have his support for wildlife.


  2. Thanks and agree. Bryan was one of the best wingers I have ever seen playing the game of rugby.


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