Win over Calgary Fire secures semi-final spot for Delta Academy Prep @MacsTournament

Chanreet Bassi, Delta Academy Prep, goes to the bench after a collision on the ice in the game versus Calgary Fire on Day 4 of the Mac’s AAA Midget Hockey Tournament at Max Bell Arena 2, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
© J. Ashley Nixon


Day 4 at the Mac’s AAA Midget Tournament

In a game plagued with penalties, the Delta Academy Prep team prevailed over Calgary Fire 5-2. The score was somewhat flattering as it included two late empty net goals. Nevertheless, the Delta Sports School team from BC did more with their possession and penalty plays and take a semi-final spot in the Female Division of the Mac’s AAA Midget Hockey Tournament.

Mac’s Midget Female Division

With all of the pool games completed, the four teams to make it into the semi-finals of the Mac’s Midget AAA Hockey Tournament are: Delta Academy Prep; Prince Albert Northern Bears; Rocky Mountain Raiders; and Regina Rebels.

More action from the game

Follow this link to J. Ashley Nixon Communications for more photographs from this and other games in the Mac’s AAA Midget Hockey Tournament.

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