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Hutt on Fire

Jordyn Hutt breaks away to score her second goal for Calgary Fire White versus St. Albert Raiders in the Alberta Female Hockey Elite Bantam League.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Jordyn Hutt picked up two goals and an assist on Saturday night to give the Calgary Fire White a 4-2 win against St. Albert Raiders. The Alberta Female Hockey Bantam Elite League game started respectfully, with a minute silence in memory of those fallen fighting for our freedom. And there was a noble tribute by the Calgary team, who wore poppy decals on their helmets. Nice style, girls.

The balance of the first period went the way of the home side but St. Albert Raiders had a chance in the last five minutes with a power play. Nothing doing there as the Fire defense held tight. Going into the interval it was even Stevens.

The Fire started up immediately after the break with Jordyn Hutt’s first goal, assisted by Lizzie Mura coming up into the play from the defense. Halfway through the period, St. Albert equalized. Inspired by their goal and a power play opportunity soon after, their pace picked up and the visiting team put in some raids.  But with five minutes to go, Hutt picked up the puck on the halfway line to skate in and score a magnificent break-away goal.

The final period started up quickly, going four minutes without a whistle. Eight minutes in, the Fire took a penalty for body checking but the play went to four on four a minute later as the Raiders had one in the box for high sticking. But at precisely 11:11 on the clock, this eleventh day of November, the Raiders equalized. For a while, it looked as though the game might be heading into overtime but with four minutes to go, Mya Healey hit a humdinger from the outer edge of the faceoff circle that whizzed over Raiders goalie Natalie Balog’s left shoulder. Half a minute later, the Fire hit the net again, this one shot in from the right face-off circle by Mia Bierd, assisted by the Girl on Fire, Jordyn Hutt.

Final score: Calgary Fire White 4-2 St. Albert Raiders

Up next: Fire plays with Fire; White versus Red at Henry Viney on Saturday, November 18 (3:15 pm).

Songs of the match

There are three-star selections today as one of them is a bit elusive. First, the warm-up song, Whisky in the Jar, originally performed by Thin Lizzie in 1973. Get it Bone Saw? This version came before the Metallica recording but, in any case, it’s a traditional Irish song, and still best sung by Phil Lynott.  Second, for great timing is Psycho Killer by Talking Heads, played after the Fire took a 2-1 lead with Jordyn Hutt’s breakaway goal (This live recording is from the Old Grey Whistle test. Notice, it’s Tina Weymouth on bass, girls!) And third, is a song which might just well be played a few more times this season: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Thanks to DJ Peter!

Which songs would you like to hear during these games? Let me know!

More action from the game

For more photos from the game please visit J. Ashley Nixon Photography


2 comments on “Hutt on Fire

  1. monkeyperu

    Nice song…ring of fire!


  2. Yes, it’s a great song. I hope we hear more of it this season!


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