Dub steps up for MRU rugby

Dub steps up. Dylan Dub scores for Mount Royal University rugby in their game versus the University of Regina.
© J. Ashley Nixon

A fine day for rugby, the first day of October. Save, that is for the pickup wind, just about cold enough for wingers to put hands in pockets when convenient. The Mount Royal University (MRU) men’s team were hosts to the University of Regina, who progressed this season from the sevens game to the full 15 aside.

Despite the wind and leaves flying into their faces, the MRU team did enough in the first half to take the lead 17-0. The visitors from Regina made something of a comeback in the second half but MRU hung on to win, 24-15.

The highlight of the game, played on the Univesity of Calgary Dino’s pitch, was a try from Calgary Saints back row forward, Dylan Dub who shrugged off a scissor-like tackle to go over under the posts for MRU’s third try.

You can see more of that play and other photos at J. Ashley Nixon Photography.

2 comments on “Dub steps up for MRU rugby

  1. Sally Christie

    His knees and elbow…..ouch! Great close up shot.


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