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Arya the Airedale: a celebration of life

Arya the Airedale on the Elbow River, Griffith Woods, Calgary, Canada (Aug 26, 2017).
© J. Ashley Nixon

Arya the Airedale (2013-2017)

Arya became a big part of our lives just a few weeks after she was born on April 17, 2013. Sadly, she died from renal failure yesterday morning at 10:00 am. A tragic, premature death that gave us all heavier hearts than we could ever have imagined. There was, perhaps some comfort to us four humans in her family that we could be with her, hold her and see her through the gate to her new K-9 adventures. 

She was a real Yorkshire character, carefully named after the most compelling character in The Game of Thrones, Arya Stark. Independent; her own boss; an insatiable chewer of furniture and shoes when a puppy. These were all traits in this fun-loving and giving dog. 

She managed to graduate from puppy training at PetSmart and possessed a nice way of shaking paws in exchange for treats. Obedience wasn’t one of her strengths though and her circus trick of swallowing small pebbles only to sick them back up hours later was, to be fair, trying. But her football skills were impressive (she could pass and shoot with both sides of her nose). And she was a lovely companion for us to walk and run with who adored playing in the snow. Her way of picking up one ear and dropping the other when paying attention was an endearing touch, sadly missed. 

Her guardians, the Nixon family, thank Dr. Berdeen Ross, Dr. Tegan Olesen, the Animal Nurses and front of office staff at Aspen Animal Hospital for their loving care and compassion for Arya the Airedale during her illness and her short life. 

Winter came and it came too soon. 

A gallery of photographs celebrating the life of Arya the Airedale may be viewed at J. Ashley Nixon Photography

4 comments on “Arya the Airedale: a celebration of life

  1. Sally Christie

    Such poignant words and charming photographs. Arya will be sorely missed, but for 4 short years you brought each other joy. RIP ( or play and swallow pebbles in K9 heaven).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. My Airedales and I will look for Arya’s bright star in the sky tonight.


  3. Sharilyn Kmech

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Godspeed Arya until you meet your family again at the bridge.


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