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Inside and outside Hip-Hop with Zeko Deshoda

Zeko Deshoda plays their fusion of Hip-Hop, jazz, and R&B at Kawa espresso bar, Calgary, Canada.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Zeko at Kawa

Zeko Deshoda pulled a capacity crowd of appreciative fans into Kawa espresso bar in Calgary on Saturday night. It was standing room only as the band got into an opening jam followed by Dial, Dial, Dial and Craving. Their jump-out from hip-hop begins with lyrics written by Zeko, delivered with zest in front of a band comprising guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and saxophone. There’s a cocktail of influences for many music lovers to enjoy ranging from cool, laid down jazz riffs to funk and R&B plus some Indie tones thrown in for good measure.

Zeko Deshoda play their fusion of Hip-Hop, jazz and R&B at Kawa espresso bar, Calgary, Canada.
© J. Ashley Nixon

Alternative view of Hip-Hop

As the band continued their set, which included just one number from their current album, Early Mornings to Late Nights, I explored an alternative view of Hip-Hop, from the wet pavement of 13th Avenue. It continued to sound good through the glass and the cityscape reflections added a cinematic feel to their performance.

An alternative view on Hip-Hop from Zeko Deshoda playing at Kawa espresso bar, Calgary, Canada

See and hear more…

You can find out more about Zeko Deshoda here and listen to their music here.

For more photographs from the Zeko Deshoda gig, please visit:

J. Ashley Nixon Photography.


A short film on my Vimeo film site is also available here:

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    You catch a great light in the phorot

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