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Through Airlock X-T1, YYC

Getting through Airlock X-T1 at Calgary West Soccer Dome © J. Ashley Nixon

On previous trips to the Calgary West Soccer Centre I had seen the potential for some surreal, spacey shots as the athletes came through this airlock-type revolving door. The design component helps keep the air pressure up and hence the whole structure of this Yeadon Soccer Dome.

Calgary West Soccer Dome © J. Ashley Nixon
Calgary West Soccer Dome © J. Ashley Nixon

It was also my chance to try out my newly acquired FujiFilm XT-1 camera. I love its snug fit in my hands and the retro look and feel of the dials. I had a few teething problems with setting up shutter speed on my first day of use. Simple really now, but I didn’t realize there were two marks to line up with.  And I chose the wrong mark on my first shoot with some windmills way out east in Cape Breton, Canada (more on that later).

So, I got through Airlock X-T1 in YYC and came up with this monochrome set.

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